I could not find one video that really stikes me, so I decided to do this assignment on a website that features all types of videos  ranging from official music videos from artists of all genres of music to random fights on subways in New York. The website that I am speaking of is the infamous ‘World Star HipHop’.  I choose this site because it is a media fan favorite for young adults. Im my opinion World Star Hip Hop is “up there” with various media sites such as TMZ, Mediatakeout, Thatgrapejuice and Perezhilton. One thing that all these sites have in common is that it can be considered a guilty pleasure for all that view.  These social media sites are just like Facebook, Twitter and Stumpleupon they aid in procrastination, and it gives viewers a chance to give their responses as well as share featured videos with others. Below is some history of World Star Hip Hop taken from,http://www.faqs.org/websites/worldstarhiphop.com/:

“World Star Hip Hop is a website that features videos on random subjects. At the home page one is greeted with news about the latest hip hop album. The web site also features an extensive list of videos that are listed on the home page along with a thumbnail preview. Also, to the right hand side of the home page there is a section for the latest uploaded videos. The content of the web site is divided into six different links. The links are labeled Video Home, WSHH Official Honeys, RSS, Official Partners, Jordan Tower Films, and Contact. Under the WSHH Official Honeys tab one can find videos and pictures of World Star Hip Hop’s official models. Under the RSS tab the visitor has the option to sign up for RSS feeds and receive updates when new content is added to the website. Under the Official Partners one can find links and logos to World Star Hip Hop’s Official partners. Under the Jordan Tower Films tab one is redirected to a different page that has links to Jordan Tower’s My Space and Twitter. Under contact the visitor can send a message to the web masters of World Star Hip Hop. The web site also features a search bar located at the top right hand side of each web page that enables the visitor to quickly find the content that they are looking for.”

Here are three videos that are featured on the site that “strike me”

1. Man Finds Dead Mouse In His Monster Energy Drink

2.\”Big Girl Does A Split On The Dance Floor!\”

3.Kelly Rowland (Feat. Lil Wayne) – Motivation

When I sit back and think of where video media is going, I feel that it is going in a very interactive/assessable  place for all. Unlike the last decade, the video process took hours to process/upload. Now everyone with a smartphone or a digital camera can be there on video producer. I feel that this is great! I enjoy viewing people on various sites that feature video clips of all kinds. I feel that this how several people get discovered such as the infamous “hide your kids, hide your wife Antown Dobson”. Also it allows people who have busy schedules  and some who really are  not TV viewers a chance to come up to speed with media.

Below are the questions I submitted online to the site World Star HipHop:

Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 6:06 am Thank You : Melvin Milton ( melvinmilton09@gmail.com ) Attention: general Message: Im doing a class project on media sites/videos and I chose WorldStarHipHOP. I chose this site because it is very interactive and it allows viewers to post their own videos and it allows people to share with others. If you could answer a couple of questions that would be great? 

1. Why was this site created?

2. Did you think you would receive such a huge response

3. How many viewers per day “log in”

4. What is the future of video media sites such as this

5. Anything else you want to add?

Once my assignment is complete I will post it on my blog so you can see what I have produced. This will actually be a good promotional tool for your site because Im studying at Hawaii Pacific University with several students from all over the world such as, Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden, Canada and Australia. Thanks for you time. Melvin Milton

*Unfortunately, I have not received any feedback from WorldStarHipHop, if and when I do, I will update this posing.*

Below is a poll about socialweb media sites, please feel free to give your opinion.

Last week was a really good week for me. I had such a good week and my weekend was even better. Thursday I got a chance to attend the MACOM guest speaker Karen Proctor, President of NewThink.  Karen was one of the most warmest people I have met in a while. She came across very welcoming and that is one of the best ways of establishing a good rapport with your audience. The session was very brief but very informative and she only asked three questions:
  1. When do you most feel alive?
  2. Whom do you respect and why?
  3. If you could spend 2 hours with anyone who would it be?

We got to share experiences and answers with the entire group. It was very therapeutic to hear various answers, as well myself. I honestly found out that when talking to someone, I need go beyond the “normal questions” and actually engage and listen. I am so very happy I got a chance to attend. A special thanks to Tim and the MACCOM club for sponsoring the speaker.

On Friday, I got a chance to attend ‘Eat The Streets’ with Stephanie we only had about 45 mins to attend due to class. Overall I enjoyed this outing and I love the concept. It was actually a good way to network and get a chance to eat food that most tourtist dont get to enjoy. It gave me a chance to feel like a resident of Hawaii.  I enjoyed seeing all the various types of food, drinks and especially the desserts. I even got a chance to get run into John Garcia and get his opinion on where we should eat first. I had my eyes set on Melts  but unfortunetly the line had about 80 people waiting on a grilled cheese.

Since we could not get the grilled cheese Stephanie and I walked around to the places that had the less amount of traffic, we came up on a Hot dog stand ordered a couple of ‘dogs’ and they were fabolous! We also got a variety of desserts at ‘ Let them eat cupcakes’

Overall I enjoyed this outing. It gave me a chance to get out of the house, be around some of the best Hawaiian food and be in goood company. Before heading to the event I heavily promoted this event by tweeting with John and other tweeters. I also use Foursquare to check in and let eveyone know that I was attending the event.

The best thing about going to this event was getting my picture taken by one of the photographers at NonStop Honolulu. I also noticed that a lot of the stands had Twitter and Facebook accounts, which I am following now.

All this talk about food is making me want a grilled chesse from Melt, hopefully I will run into them!

Pushing myself……..

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Well, well, well…….
Last week was a good week and the weekend was even better I watch about 14 episodes of Hawaii Five 0, now I’m hooked. I went hiking, played basketball and even thought about becoming a vegetarian. There were no issues and I learned so much from my classes.On last Thursday, John Garcia was our guest speaker. He really taught me a lot. By looking at his resume, hearing about all his accomplishments and what he is doing now, I ask myself “how come Im not doing this”? I have so many big dreams and I feel that they have been put on the back burner, I have completely given up on myself. I must remember to push myself and that I have a lot of people who look up to me, supportive friends who want nothing but the best and family members that are proud of me no matter what. I have decided to keep pushing myself and never settle for less. One of my goals is that I need to become more up to date with more media so this weekend. I spent a lot of time doing these things:

-Creating a website, I feel that being the future PR Phenomenon (that I am destine to become), I need to have a website showcasing who I am and what I like. In the future, I will put some celebrity/technological things on there.

-oOvoo; I created a Oovoo, just to appeal to all audiences, I already had a skype account, but I wanted a oOvoo account to stay current.

-Twitter: I changed my username to @MELVINMILTON to be a little more professional, I also added more people and got a least 10 more followers!

-Facebook: I added all of my media sites on there such as, twitter, myspace, Oovoo, my website, I also let my fans, facebook friends etc know that I had a website, a lot of them have already checked it out.

I also know with being in PR/Cpommunication I need to be knowledgable and current with everything especially computers so I had my best friend Andrew to give me a Mac Tutoral, even though he was the most impatient person, he did teach me several things such as the different icons, what they mean and how to use them. One of the most important lessons I learned with Andrew is that you can use the “command” key for just a bout anything. Andrew also took a few pictures with iphoto which was cool! I want a Mac!

Last week was a reminder that I have came a long way but I have a long way to go. I need gain my confidence back and push myself.

My favorite singer Aaliyah quoted ” “If you know what you want to do stay determined and go for it because you can do anything”

In case you want to keep in touch with me here are some ways:


A few things I have learned.

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The time has finally come and now I get to focus on my Public Relations classes. Everytime I hear “PR”, I get excited because this is what I want to do fot the rest of my life. I am currently enrolled in Communication Convergence and Integrated Communication and these classes go great with each other. One focuses more on the social networking, communication, media oultes side of communication and PR goes great with this. On the other side, Integrated Communicaton is a more on the business side of communication where we have to act like a junior PR executive in solving planning and management challenges.

What I learned last week was that I need to create my brand, because no one will create it for me.  What I have learned also is that I need to read more and keep up with more current events that go around the world. The only media I get my hands on daily is music news and gossip websites. I see now in order to be the # 1 PR rep in the world I have to become more well-rounded and read more about everything.

I am challenging myself to learn more, read more and push myself more to read less about a celebrities dress and more on how the internet is changing as what the latest new feature in the social networking world. Also I want to find out more about the top 10 PR agencies and the top PR people in the business before I begin to take over this PR world by storm.

My World, My Way , MY BRAND!

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I started out doing special events/promotions/marketing in undergraduate  at  The University of Montevallo as the coordinator events for two consecutive years.I had the opportunity to plan events for the entire student body on a 60, 000 budget. This gave me a sense of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Under my gold studded belt,  I have put on comedy shows, cultural programs and a a few concerts just to name a few. After graduating I did not want to loose my passion so I planned a few weddings, bachelor parties and baby showers. I also go the opportunity to work with a catering company to get the more food production aspect of events.

WOW! Five years seems like a long time away but is not! Within the next five years I would love to be an event planner or a personal assistant for a celebrity. A big of my job is media!  In fact thats probably all my job is is social networking and using wonderful social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and my personal favorite email.  Within the next five years I see myself using Facebook as one of my tools of promotion to get people to come to my events or check out the client I am representing. I see twitter as a tool of getting people out and giving them a behind the scenes look at what is going on. Also I see Twitter as a fun way to putting on contest  to gain more followers and most importantly, get  more people coming out  to the events that I am hosting.

How to expand my brand:

I will use my company name to further promote myself and my job! I will create a profile for Facebook and Twitter and whatever is the new fad of the social media world at that time. I would use my wonderful personality and people skills and networking with the current A-listers to help me promote the events/ artists I get to work with. I would love to use various websites such as “stumbleupon” to promote my event. I think it would be catchy and different to have a promo flyer randomly placed on their website. I feel that “stumbleupon” is working it way on up to becoming a house hold favorite internet site. Also i would shoot a mini commercial and have it as an ad that people would view before watching their favorite  videos on Youtube/Vivo.

Where is media going?

I feel that media is going to get better and better especially with cell phones, social networking and most importantly the internet. I feel that a lot more thing will become more digital for example the radio, I feel that more people will retreat to their favorite XM radio stations as far as promotions it will be way more digital and people will use their cell phones more to find out that hottest places to attend.” I feel that there will be an app for that”  As far a predicting what is next in the media world,  I am uncertain I feel that everryone will be shoacked and amazed on what’s next to come.

As we all know there are several ways to communicate. Personally I do not communicate to every person the same way. I set up barriers and guidelines on various people I communicate with. For example, I have privacy setting up for my church members and some specific family members. I don’t mind them keeping in touch with me but its only certain things online I want them to view of me. I want to uphold my “good boy” image. Also there are certain people that I do not want to talk on the phone to such as old grade school classmates, and random people that I really dont have a “connection” with. What  I mean about connection is basically akward pauses and boring conversations that I am just not interested in.

Below is a breakdown of all of the ways I communicate:

Twitter-I keep up with my friends daily feelings on Twitter, since I am 4 hours behind, I am able to catch up to speed with their daily moves. Also on Twitter I can express my frustrations and keep up with my celebrity friends. It gives me a chance to be in the know without calling and wasting  countless minutes over the phone.

Foursquare- This site lets me see all of friends daily where abouts and I get a chance to see all the places they are going with out me. Also they can see my whereabouts as well. This is a good tool as well as twitter especially if you want to “stalk” your friends. I use foursquare as a sense of “bragging” about my whereabouts, in the end I get the opportunity to make my friends jealous.

Myspace- was an old way that I use to communicate with friends  especially back in the early 2000’s before Facebook was even though of, now I just keep up with my favorite celebrities and listen to their music.

Facebook- This is where I spend most of my time communicating with EVERYONE old and new.. I communicate with everyone on here such as church members, old high school friends and random people I meet bars etc. I also get to see my close friends whereabouts and well as they can see mine. I spend a lot of my “free time” on Facebook. Facebook is probably one of the easiest ways to get in contact with me because I am always online.

Text messaging-  As much as I can, I love to text. I mainly text my close friends all the time about the most random things. I also text a lot because I get bored and just need some “entertainment”

Email: I dont really talk to my friends via email unless it is business/ work/school related.  Email is mainly for work/or school. The reason why is because none of my friends really are on the “page” of emailing to communicate. I feel that this is a more professional way to keep in touch/communicate with others so I try to scale back and use other outlets such as text and social networking since to chat with my friends. I personally just like to keep email for business/school related things.

Skype: I use skype time to time, half of my friends do not have a webcam even though I would love to see them via web. I use Skype 5-10 times a month.

Regular phone calls, I talk on the phone as much as I text and Facebook, the main people I talk to daily on the phone are my grandma, Chrystal, AJ, Tyree, Jamaica and my two sisters.

There are other ways I communicate through instant messaging outlets such as, Blackberry Messanger, AIM and Yahoo. I rarely use them.

Oh yeah I do talk to a lot of people face to face. I dont think I could go a day without communicating with someone.

I love to talk,chat, instant message basically I love to damn COMMUNICATE!

Hello All!

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I am so excited about my blog…Check back for more updates